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Archived Blog Posts

Wild HOG’S River Raftin’
by Rick and Debbie Allison, August 14, 2010
HOG’s 1 raft, National 2 rafts, each with their own rescue boat. Seemed a bit off balance, but not to worry, HOG’s held their own. It was a fun and exciting day on the Sacramento River. Rafts and boats launched at Bonnyview Boat Ramp mid morning. Water bazookas, jet boats and jet skis, brought 2 groups together to soak and entertain each other. Thank you Angel and Mike for coordinated this “Non HOG Event”, great fun. This event definitely defines the saying: “It is the journey not the destination,” although we ended our journey at Nedra and Dan’s home up the river from our rendezvous point where we enjoyed good food and great hospitality.

Lassen Park Pre-Ride
by Nedra Soos, July 9, 2010
Safety in Numbers
As we get ready for a group ride, we should think about the “what ifs”, so we pack a jacket, chaps, short or long sleeve shirt, water, and that candy or power bar, oh and some chapstick! And, if we could, some of us would pack extra gas in a camel-back. This Thursday morning, Jerry Goll, Don Saewert, Dan and Nedra started easterly, out of the valley floor, and into the trees, fully gassed. We dawned our jackets and chaps just after the meadow on HWY 44 and eagerly prepared for the beautiful ride through the snow banks in Lassen Park.

Then the buzzer sounds: “road work ahead, flagger ahead, prepared to stop”. Before we know it we are stuck in traffic control, at the long passing lane, just past the narrows, due to a major road realignment project. The extra gear seemed like a good idea but the longer we sat, the more we wanted it off, and voila–the pilot car takes us on an adventure of packed mud, off and on blacktop, more packed mud, holes, gravel, and nowhere to go in an emergency, close quarters to say the least. WHEW – that was over!

And, wouldn’t you know, as we turned in to the Lassen Park entrance, more road work signs popped up! It all looks so innocent until you reach the north Visitor Center parking lot, and traffic control begins once again. The gal explained that there was 11 miles of dirt experience if one came back the same way. We cut that to 5.5 miles since we continued out the south side of the park. This road was dirt, and more dirt, and fresh dumped, unpacked dirt. The fresh work of a sheep’s foot left unpacked dirt and more hazards to avoid. There are no shoulders for an emergency and no center line; only traffic control makes this adventure a little bit safer. And, nature’s final touch to this trek? Many, many pine cones had dropped on parts of the pavement.

Our reward, though, was seeing the high snow banks at road’s edge, the crystal blue of the thawing lakes’ perimeter, and enjoying the trees still in mounds of more snow than hillside. There were snow banks and cars in the Lassen parking lot, where some adventurists had skied the face earlier that morning. The south visitor center is open and should the candy bar not be enough, or you are too hot, or too cold, you can revive your spirit, get something to eat, and ride out the south side of the park. NO GAS is available in Mineral, so plan ahead.

A Pre-Ride is a great excuse to ride an extra day in the week—in this instance, it turned out that much of the groundwork had been laid out for an accident waiting to happen. Safety in numbers started with the four of us and extends to the rest of you. Remember to prepare for what could happen and pre-ride for continued safety in numbers.

Our First National Members of Redding HOG Ride
January 16, 2010
Wow…our first ride was led by Dan Cook from Rocky’s Cycle, east on Bear Mountain Rd, south on Dry Creek, then to Deschutes where Russ Brubaker caught up with us – Diane reported that her husband’s bike was on the fritz earlier. East we traveled on Swede Creek to Old 44 through downtown Millville where we enjoyed a stop at Millville Vet Clinic (they didn’t offer us shelter or a warm drink and some of us were feeling the deep cool chill of winter). Nedra Soos wore heated gear – smart her and silly us. We warmed up & headed over the Millville Plains, then used the Parkville Rd cut-off, over the river & finally west on Ash Creek to Balls Ferry and into Cottonwood to the newly re-opened eatery. Sharon Smyth was the big winner of the $1.00 bag held in trust by Calvin Booth…so she is off to the Dollar Store.

After filling our tummies in downtown Cottonwood, dessert was calling our names at the Chocolate Factory in Anderson. One sweet treat each for Mike and Sharon, Colleen & Lee Klein, Calvin, John, Dennis Nocerini, Hershel, and Dan & Nedra. The Brubakers missed the sweets but not the calories as they said good-bye from Cottonwood.

Following our chocolate fix some of us headed to the barn, some to finish out the bass fishing tournament and awards, & some up to Redding H-D to get another type of fix. All in all we had a great time, discussed possible future rides, and are looking forward to next Wednesday’s dinner ride to Dry Creek Station, even if it is in a car. As always, those who can’t ride can always meet us for grub. And, forgive us if we misspelled names or inaccurately reported our fun day!